How To Register A Domain Name That Makes Your Business Stand Out

Here is how to register a domain name that reflects your purpose and make your business stand out, as well as the resources you will need to accomplish this important but easy requirement to place your business online. 

Registering a domain name is an important step in the process of launching  your personal or business website.

A domain name is the address that people will type into their web browser to reach your website — just like you would type in to reach the Google search engine.

Domain name has been likened to the house address on a building, while the website is like the building or house itself and your hosting provider is like the land on which you build your house. You need all three for you to be able to get a physical or digital visitor. 

Picking the right domain name would then be like having the right house and street number on your front door. Getting it wrong could mean losing visitors and customers to competitors.  

Important Considerations Before Registering Your Domain Name

But before going out to register a domain name, here are some vital thing sto consider to ensure you select a domain name that aligns with your mission and meets your customers' and business needs.  

Why do I need a domain name? 

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